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Namespace TheArtOfDev.HtmlRenderer.Adapters



Platform adapter to bridge platform specific objects to HTML Renderer core library.
Core uses abstract renderer objects (RAdapter/RControl/REtc...) to access platform specific functionality, the concrete platforms implements those objects to provide concrete platform implementation. Those allowing the core library to be platform agnostic.

Platforms: WinForms, WPF, Metro, PDF renders, etc.
Objects: UI elements(Controls), Graphics(Render context), Colors, Brushes, Pens, Fonts, Images, Clipboard, etc.


Adapter for platform specific brush objects - used to fill graphics (rectangles, polygons and paths).
The brush can be solid color, gradient or image.


Adapter for platform specific context menu - used to create and show context menu at specific location.
Not relevant for platforms that don't render HTML on UI element.


Adapter for platform specific control object - used to handle updating the control that the html is rendered on.
Not relevant for platforms that don't render HTML on UI element.


Adapter for platform specific font object - used to render text using specific font.


Adapter for platform specific font family object - define the available font families to use.
Required for custom fonts handling: fonts that are not installed on the system.


Adapter for platform specific graphics rendering object - used to render graphics and text in platform specific context.
The core HTML Renderer components use this class for rendering logic, extending this class in different platform: WinForms, WPF, Metro, PDF, etc.


Adapter for platform specific graphics path object - used to render (draw/fill) path shape.


Adapter for platform specific image object - used to render images.


Adapter for platform specific pen objects - used to draw graphics (lines, rectangles and paths)



The 4 corners that are handled in arc rendering.